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Hello! I am Sharu. A Software Engineer by my degree certificate. A Web designer and Programmer by Profession. An Amateur writer to my surprise.
I believe in nature. I believe in love. I believe in friendship. I believe in a loud laughter. I believe in ThankYou’s. I believe in hard work.
I hate thinking too much. I hate cribbing. I dont believe in luck.
I love my family. I love my dog. I love art.
I learnt Carnatic music while in school. I am learning to play the veena.
I cook edible food. My husband still loves me, so I think I cook fairly well.
I started a recipe blog Bravos are free to try them.
I have a brother, who feels lucky to have a sister like me. pst. pst.
My dad is my ATM. He gives me money, anytime, no questions asked.
My mum who lives with me in memories, would have been proud to see me keep my room clean.
My husband is my punching bag.
I Worked with an MNC for 5 Years. Quit my full time job recently.
Founded 'The Byte Story' in 2013 on Rajinikanth's Birthday (Dec 12)! Yaay!
My husband designs my websites.